Allpa Legal

Real Estate Law

1. Real estate due diligence (review of the legal status of the property, transfer history, encumbrances, liens and limitations, real estate contracts). Title search analysis.

2. Drafting and negotiation of: 

  • Real estate contracts/agreements (memorandums of understanding, trusts, promises, purchases, purchases, options, investment contributions, leases, built to suit, joint accounts, etc.).
  • Contract services for Project Planning and Management (contruction contracts, supervision, design, project and asset management agreements).
  • Guarantee contracts (trusts, mortgages, movable guarantees).
  • Special contracts for hotel operation and management. operación y gerencia hotelera.

3. Land acquisition for infrastructure projects, energy, telecommunications networks, agribusiness

4. Condominium regime, multi-levels, and general advice on condominium management.

5. Legal advice on the constitution of easements, procedures for updating area and boundaries, and others.

6. Advice on property acquisition through expropriation (eminent domain) process.

7. Legal concepts on real estate issues in general.